Grout and Mortar

Almost as important as the glass in a mosaic is the grout that is used to fill the cracks. The color you choose can really change the look of the mosaic project. My favorite grout color was a light gray, but I'm sure you can be more adventurous than that!

See if any of these grout offerings strike your fancy.

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White Grout
One nice thing about cement based grout is that is cleans up fairly easily throughout the entire project. You can get quite a few different colors of grout at The Home Depot in both sanded and unsanded mixtures.
Charcoal Grout
Once again, cement based grout is a good choice for projects both indoor and outdoor. Sanded grout is better for outdoor projects and is necessary if your grout lines are wider than 1/8".
Cement based tile mortar which is specifically formulated for use with glass tile and porcelain. This mortar is good for use when you are making things which will be left outside.